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AQA A Level English Literature Specification A (legacy: no longer available)

These resources are for the AQA Specification A Literature courses that had their final A2 re-sit examinations in January 2010. This information is left here for archive purposes only. For details of the replacement Specification, see this page and the AQA website.

If you would like to recommend books, websites or other resources for these pages, please send me an . If you wish to print off the handout inviting contributions to this site, please click here for a PDF version.

Remember that it is essential to check from the AQA specification that you are using the right texts and editions.

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LA2C Events Shakespeare
LA5C LA5C text ideas

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LTA1 Frayn  
LA2W Shakespeare  
LTA3 Duffy
LTA4 Byron
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LTA6 First World War in literature Poems of the First World War: a selection to download
Their name liveth for evermore: tracing the names on a war memorial
We will remember them: Remembrance Day passages