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AQA A Level English Literature Specification A (legacy)

LA5C coursework re-takes: January 2010

There is now just one more opportunity for candidates to re-take the A2 modules, in January 2010. The coursework procedure is as follows:
  • Texts and titles need to be submitted for approval; candidates may use the texts they wrote about in 2009 or choose new ones but they should in any case submit fresh coursework, so they will need a different topic. It is unlikely they will benefit from the time and effort involved (or do themselves justice) if they try to re-heat work they completed some months ago.
  • The standardisation booklet for 2009, issued in the autumn of 2008 (with a lilac cover), has an outline of the procedure and a coursework proposal form. It is fine to send proposals to your moderator on plain paper or by email: please just make clear the centre and candidate names as well as the texts and the full wording of the tasks.
  • The standardisation booklet and the commentaries that accompanied it will also guide you when assessing the work for January. Please contact your moderator if you need another copy of the commentaries or have questions about any aspect of this.
  • There will be examination papers for the other A2 units in January. Your examination office should have all the administrative details.
Important dates
20th October 2009 Texts and titles to be submitted to the LA5C moderator for approval by this date.
10 January 2010 Coursework marks and folders due to the LA5C moderator

Details will also be posted to consortium centres.