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The Winter's Tale
AQA A Level English Literature Specification A (legacy)

AQA LTA4 A Level Literature: Texts in Time

Final re-takes: January 2010

These are editions of the set texts for Unit 4 of the AQA A Level Specification A English Literature course. This final resit examinations will take place in January 2010. Remember that it is essential to refer to the AQA specification to ensure that you are reading the right text and edition for the right year! Also on the AQA site you will find:

Measure for Measure
Clicking on a link to a text on this page will take you to the Amazon UK site for more information. If you have difficulty locating a new copy, you may be able to find one second hand: Amazon UK and Abebooks are good places to look. As this is a closed book examination, you should be able to use any reliable edition of the texts, but try to obtain at least one copy of the prescribed edition for your teaching as this is the one the Principal Examiner will use when setting questions.

Section A - Drama Pre-1770

See the Shakespeare page for links and materials relevant to the first three plays on this list.
John Clare: Selected Poems

Section B - Poetry Pre-1900: with new texts for 2008 and 2009

See also the page on Romanticism in English literature.