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AQA A Level English Literature Specification A

A Levels are changing. During the period between 2008 and 2010, examination boards will be offering new four-unit courses, beginning with AS levels that commence teaching in 2008 and have their first examinations in 2009. The old six-unit courses are no longer available.

Choose an AQA A Level English Literature Specification A course

If you are teaching or studying an AQA course it is essential to refer to the AQA website to ensure that you have the latest specification and information.

New four-unit course (from 2008)
First AS teaching begins in the Autumn of 2008, the first AS examinations will be in 2009 and the first A2 examinations in 2010.
Six-unit course (no longer available)
Pages on this 'legacy specification' have been left for archive purposes here, though you should be aware that they refer to examinations that are no longer available.

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