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AQA LTA3 AS Level Literature: Texts in Context (legacy: until 2009)

These are editions of the set texts for Unit 3 of the AQA AS Level Specification A English Literature course. The last examination for this course will take place in 2009, which will be final resit opportunity; candidates beginning courses in September 2008 should use the new Specification, which has its first AS papers in 2009. Remember that it is essential to check from the AQA specification that you are reading the right text and edition for the right year! There were changes in set texts in 2006 - please check the AQA website yourself to be sure you have prepared the correct texts.

Also on the AQA site you will find:

Candidates must answer on a poetry and a drama text. One of the drama or poetry texts offered must have been written before 1900 and the second text should have been written in the twentieth century. All pre-twentieth century texts are shown here like this: pre-20th century.

Clicking on a link to a text on this page will take you to the Amazon UK site for more information. If you have difficulty locating a new copy, you may be able to find one second hand: Amazon UK and Abebooks are good places to look.

Section A Drama
Making History
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Faber Critical
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Section B Poetry