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'Mr Hector has an old fashioned faith in the
redemptive power of words.' (The History Boys)

Here's the Oxford English
Dictionary's Word of the Day too!

Word of the Day

Word of the Day is a service for the improvement of the minds of students currently engaged in advanced study and for any others interested in words. Inspired in part by Alan Bennett's play, in which the students (at that time armed only with their own intelligence and a large dictionary) seek to expand their command of language, it is appropriate that the first word in the list is taken from that play.

Word of the day is free - read it right here! It's also available by and now you can follow Word of the Day on Twitter. The first twenty words are given here for your interest. Suggestions for future words will be welcome.

Byronic Modernism
Cacophonous    Obfuscation
Clandestine Otiose
Cornucopia Pandora's box
Didactic Platonic
Dilettante Portmanteau
Eclectic Recidivist
Empathy Semordnilap (or: 'pals reviled')
Euphemism Shibboleth (and the story behind this word)
Hyperbole Stakhanovite (and who said: 'I will work harder'?)

Suitable sources of information are given on the language page, though in some cases further research may be required. A corpus site or Wikipedia may help when the dictionaries fail.

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