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Twenty Things to do with a Word Processor
Every English Department
should have a copy!

Useful books for English teachers

These book suggestions for English teachers don't claim to be comprehensive. The titles here are simply books that I've found useful or interesting (and usually both) - especially, but not exclusively, on English and ICT. There is another page specifically for A Level literature.

If you want to buy copies you will need to contact the suppliers mentioned here for some titles - otherwise, support your local bookshop if you can, or you can buy online from Amazon UK - clicking on a link to a text on this page will take you to the Amazon site for more information. If you have difficulty locating a new copy, you may be able to find one second hand: Amazon lists these as well and Abebooks is another good place to look in my experience.

English and ICT

  • Twenty Things to do with a Word Processor: by Trevor Millum and Chris Warren. Photocopiable pages with easy-to-use ideas throughout the secondary age range; comes with supporting files on CD. An excellent introduction to ways in which the humble word processor can transform English lessons - every English Department should have at least one copy! Jack Kenny wrote in The Times Educational Supplement: "Twenty Things to do with a Word Processor ... is a pragmatic approach, useful, stimulating and classroom focussed. It is the kind of book that if you leave it lying around someone will steal it." Published by Resource, this book is also available from the NATE bookshop.

    The Non-designer's Design Book
  • ICT and Literacy: Trevor Millum - primary teachers who want a simple guide that's as good as Twenty Things to do with a Word Processor now need look no further. This book, with accompanying CD, provides practical resources for 7-11 year olds. Published by NATE.

  • The Non-designer's Design Book: Robin Williams - although this is subtitled 'Design and Typographic Principles for the Visual Novice', don't be deterred - this is an entertaining and valuable guide for anyone who wants to create a newsletter, worksheet, or anything else on paper.
Useful guides to common software

  • Software Made Simple series: guides for students on common Microsoft software - Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage, etc - available in A4 booklets. Although aimed at students they should be very useful for teachers. The Word guide includes a helpful quick introduction to the basic features of Windows. Samples and more details on the Software Made Simple page, including a free download of the complete Word guide.


    Meeting Midnight
  • How Poetry Works: Philip Davies Roberts - an appreciation of poetry in English that emphasises spoken language as the basis of this art. Illustrated with an anthology of poems written over the past thousand years.
  • Meeting Midnight: Carol Ann Duffy - if you like Carol Ann Duffy's work, often set for GCSE and A Level, try this lovely collection for younger readers. The last poem in the collection, 'A Child's Sleep', is just one of many that will make teachers want to use this book in class straight away!


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